Welcome to the new illegal design website

by illegalben

Well it was about time that last website came down and finally it has. It seems that you only get 5 years out of websites at a maximum before staleness sets in. We pushed the envelope with our last one that’s for sure.

I guess the vibe we’re going for is Gothic/surreal. It could equally be inspired by Star Trek and Planet of the Apes (the original). Anyway it is a work in progress so in the coming months we will be adding an equally bizarre footer, cleaning up some of the typography, and most importantly adding some samples of our latest projects on this blog.

For a look at illegal design’s projects in the meantime, please check our Facebook page or Behance Network page.

Feel free to comment on ‘the vibe’ below and let us know if your browser just can’t deal with the graphics.

Yours in space and time,

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